Courtois Cabin @ Houghton Lake
"It's daylight in the swamp!" -Grandpa Garth, 1922-2001
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YAGgies@HL, May, 2003

random stuff, winter 2003

winter plumbing system

skiing/hiking, winter 2003

2005 July Cabin

2004 Cabin Plans

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Things to bring:
  • clothing for all weather
  • whatever toiletries you may want. however, deodorant and toothbrushes and toothpaste are strongly encouraged/required
  • swimsuit (summer)
  • towels for swimming and bathing, or one for both, or none if you want to just drip on the floor or something weird like that
  • sleeping bag
  • pillow
  • money for food and activities
  • books, cards, etc.?
  • there is a stereo up there but if anyone feels inspired to bring another one that's fine
Welcome to Houghton Lake.
Garth and Sally Courtois bought the cabin in 1964 and spent many summers here with their 10 kids, a couple of nephews and various Royal Oak neighborhood kids.

That cabin was rustic & not easy to keep clean -- a losing battle a few out-laws could probably write a book about but we married them ANYWAY... In the winter we pumped water & heated it on the stove. On October 18, 2004, we knocked down the cabin and in the next couple of weeks, construction will begin on a new one. We loved the old one dearly and, in the end, it was very hard to see it go. Some might argue that Garth wouldn't have wanted a new one. But as Kathy said in an earlier email, "Sally Courtois is finally getting her wish." Here's to Garth and Sally for having the foresight to buy the cabin in the first place!

Location, location, location! We're on the lake and close to skiing, hiking & kayaking. We have a canoe, kayaks & small motor boats which don't always run perfectly. Day trips to almost any place in the northern lower peninsula are easy. Most restaurants are of the greasy spoon variety and shopping is limited to Walmart or tourist traps. (pictures)

Location and Contact Info
Bill/Anne Courtois & Courtois sibs
445 Long Point Drive
Houghton Lake, MI

phone numbers posted as needed

Suggested route: Lansing click for details terroralert banana

Yes, I-75 is a bit shorter (like 15 miles) but we avoid using it because:
  • There's more traffic
  • The traffic is MUCH more aggressive
  • There's more construction
  • On July 2, 1997, we were hit by a tornado in our then new minivan! (okay, that's not REALLY a reason, but it was quite a memorable experience! And I'm still driving that van!)