May 2005 Birch Pt. Beach Blog

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Sun. May 1: This morning we gave our first tour of the new palace at Houghton Lake to Tammy and Charlie, who noticed it from the road. I don't ever remember anyone asking for a tour of the old place although once when we put some good junk out by the side of the road, we were entertained throughout the weekend by grizzly old garbage guys in rattley old pickups who would screech to a stop and back up to inspect the treasure.

Mon. May 2: Farewell Bandit, one of my occasional aminal friends. I do not have the time it requires to own an aminal but occasionally I do not mind borrowing one or eight (please don't y'all jump at that opportunity ;-) And brain? Would you please allow me to decompress already? It's as if I've spent the last year at Harvard or somewhere, not a community college! Kee-reist! I do not *want* to dream about photoshop rollovers or the CSS box model, etc. Lemme rest! Sheesh!

Tue. May 3: Apparently I posted a picture of an imposter dog yesterday. Sadie was a sister of Bandit from a different litter. Renee set me straight with pictures of the real Bandit, one of which is above. Apparently, the other half of the GG's brain is in hot water because the title of his email message was "Bandit Bites the Big Biscuit." Anyway, Bandit really was a pretty cool little dog. I walked her through my woods a few times last year and all of the dog people just ooh-ed and ah-ed all over her. And she only required a small plastic bag, unlike all of those big, galumphing dogs that hang out with the dog people.

Wed. May 4: So, I was walking through the high school parking lot to liberate my car from its illegal parking space and I looked up and a mob of kids was coming across the street. I didn't think anything much about that until I heard, "MOM!" And there was a little rodent in the middle of the mob and I got a nice hug right there in the parking lot :-) Spanish III had gone to get ice cream. I love my Mouse :-)

Thu. May 5: dum de dum de dum. waiting... backing up files... dum de dum. waiting... installing a new operating system... dum de dum... hmm, it seems like this thing is slower than before and it can't seem to find the damn printer (wireless) and people are raving about this spotlight thing and the gg says he has found a "widget" to look for wireless networks, etc. and he says i am running slow because that spotlight thing is indexing my hard drive... well, i am printing again through Oblivion and I'll get used to all of this newfangled crap and by next week I'll prob'ly be preaching about it. But anyway this was all punctuated with various other random stuff, beginning in the morning... "Mom, it's senior skip day!" "Okay, should I call you in?" (thinking, you *do* need a day off but you can call yourself in, you're 18.) "Yeah, maybe you should." "Oh, what the heck, I'm not gonna call you in. If they call me, I'll just tell 'em where you are." And, actually, the main condition I had for letting her stay home is that we had to go out to lunch. Really, who cares at this point. She's a straight-A student. And we did have lunch at Panera, where there's wireless internet and I snooped various other youth theatre groups to see what their websites looked like. And nobody from the school called me but a teacher and the school secretary both contacted me via email and in both cases it had absolutely nothing to do with Mouse. And the rest of the day involved walking, unjamming copiers at Office Max, a psycho customer at Expresso Royale and the usual run-up week play stuff. So.

Fri. May 6: What do you do if an 800 pound gorilla tells you to have a happy birthday? You *have* a happy birthday. Ready kids?

| Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday dear POOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO-OOOOOOOOOH, Happy Birthday to you!

Thanks, Jane, for the reminder. Got me to stop focusing on my stupid little so-called life :-)

Sat. May 7: I am on the go list. And so is Sam (dog, not archaeologist). Well, Sam the archaeologist may be on a go list too but if she is, it's not the same one that I'm on. It would be fun if she was. Anyway, Valdemort is on the same go list as me. And Jim. And I dunno what vee-hickle. I cannot keep up with the vee-hickles that the engineer boy buys. So, where is my go list going? Well, of course, since it is supposed to actually get warm down here this weekend, we are going to be different and go to the Great White North, where it probably will not be warm this weekend. Look out Clyde's Drive-in! Here we come. Bring booze.

Sun. May 8: It is Mother's Day about as usual. That is to say that The Commander is doing the cooking and others are sleeping or watching TV or blogging (yah, that's me that's doing the blogging). This is the first time in about 30 years that I have actually spent Mother's Day with The Commander. I didn't give her flowers or a card or some token gift. I hate that stuff. I always read stuff in newspapers about how the mother of some criminal says, "he was such a nice boy, he always gave me a card for Mother's Day." Bleag. I did not have a card or flowers or anything. I fixed The Commander's computer. That is, I organized all the pictures she's been getting over email over the years, etc. Then, we (Jim, Sam, Val, me) hit serendipity this afternoon when we went to the cabin prepared for cold winds and stuff and found it to be *hot* on the beach. We tried to kayak but after schlepping the boats all the way from the ga-rage to the beach and locating the life jackets, etc., Val and I looked at each other and said something like, "what's missing?" Duh, paddles! They were in the shed and the only key was in town with the octos. So, we did not kayak. Up a crick without a paddle. But then our lucked turned in a different direction and we ran into Radical Betty and we walked the beach and found that the amethyst rock by Doelle's had resurfaced. And we walked in the water. In May in Lake Superior! And then we had beer and ginger ale on the beach and I lay down on my back and sunburned my face. And Sam (dog, not archaeologist) walked the whole way and got very tired. Is this a lame blog? Yep, it shore is. And so what :-) And as we YAGbabes always say, since we are always ramping up to a production on Mother's Day and kids in the show are always trying to skip out on the excuse that their mothers'll kill 'em if they don't participate in Mother's Day, "Every day is mother's day." Good night.

Mon. May 9: Happy birthday to Grandaddy. 106? Woops, I guess it's 86 >:->> It is okay for an 86-year-old to talk back to the news and I won't say much about that except that Grandaddy apparently would not fit in well with the Kalamazoo College Republicans. Then, adventures with The Commander and her car on a trip to the bank to take care of a couple little errands. Home to collect some slug-a-beds, then lunch at Penny's Kitchen, where Grandaddy was foiled in his attempt to order a cookie for lunch and was served corn chowder instead, withOUT parsley, thank you very much. Veggie sandwiches and gumbo were popular choices among some but not all of the rest of us and they do sell gumbo for take out. A trip to Seasons where Val snagged some stuff but Grandaddy decided his clothes would last another season or five. Then another hot afternoon on the beach and this time we had a key to the shed. But upon opening it, there were NO paddles :-/ Where were the paddles? In the garage, right where we looked for them yesterday and did not see them! Unlike the garage at Houghton Lake, this garage is almost empty, so how we missed them yesterday, I do not know. I guess we're already showing early signs of octogenarianism... Roight. Kayak ride to Cedar Point, hot enough that I felt like swimming and if I'd been wearing quick-dry underwear maybe I would have. Actually, I got enough water in my kayak via uncoordinated paddling that quick-dry underwear would've been handy anyway. Walked the beach with Radical Betty, hung around with Jan and Pete for a while and accidentally enticed one of their dogs into the water >:->> Home for a hot dog, salad and cherry pie birthday dinner and probably more Hitler stuff on the history channel. Dawgs and people will be tired tonight and this blahg has been designed to let the GG know that I am alive and well and having a good time. Mouse is probably too busy to notice my absence but I hope she turned in her baby picture today (don't hit me, Mouse). Back in Megalopolis tomorrow!

Tue. May 10: Whomp! Back to reality. Beach bum yesterday. Westgate Kroger u-scan today. Seven hours of I-75 et al. Bumpety-bumpety-bumpety bump. And DORs everywhere. Incoherent? Yup.

Wed. May 11: I certainly missed the boat on some good trash picking today! A perfectly good looking TV set, vintage about 1980, sitting out there on the curb on Doty Street at 6:30 this morning next to a pile of crap with a "free" sign on top of it. I thought, "hot dog! our old dead TV collection is getting a little sparse, we could sure use that thing!" We used to have a pretty good collection of old dead television sets. For some unknown reason, people kept giving us their old TV sets when we were first married. One of those things actually started smoking when we turned it on. I dunno what the heck happened to them all, they are not down there in the computer graveyard. But I was walking and I was a half-mile or so away from home so I thought, "I'll come back here later with the POC and get that thing." But "later", I had totally forgotten about the darn thing. Until 5 PM, when I was waiting to turn left from N. Maple onto Dexter. Along came Mr. Ferri and his decrepit old pickup truck, festooned with about a billion little glued-on plastic aminals, and there in the back, on top of a huge pile of stuffed aminals and other unidentifiable treasure, was my TV. Rat's ass, I was too late! Better luck next time?

Sincerely yours and good night, Garbage Woman

Thu. May 12: Hahaha. This is kinda fun. We always ask our actors to "donate" $5 towards the cost of their cast party. I don't know how that got started or whether other groups do it that way or what. But that's how we do it. And I get pretty dern tired of collecting it. I stand here on the landing above the Mendelssohn stage door and yell at kids as they come in, "Do you have your cast party donation?" I have done that for umpteen million plays now. Once a kid told me, "You should play the part of the old witch!" And I suppose I do look like one but... Anyway, this time, I made a sign on neon turquoise paper with great big black letters, "Cast party donation? $5." I thumb-tacked it to the sign-in sheet that's posted on the bulletin board at the bottom of the stairs. The actors have to pull out the thumb-tacks to get behind the sign to sign themselves in. And I'm standing here pretending to do work but really I'm surfing around reading web design blogs, etc. *And* I am watching all these kids as they come in, realize that they can't sign in without un-thumb-tacking the sign, wheel around and zoom back out the door hoping their mom hasn't left yet and return with $5. I have not had to say a word yet! >:->>

News flash! Congratulations Goose! All you other drivers, watch out! Goose is on the loose. Bagawk!

Fri. May 13: "Mom, do you have a large space of time where you have nothing to do?" !!!!!!! Yes, this has been a pretty darn crappy day. TWICE I have arrived at a destination and realized that because of my own personal DISORGANIZATION, I would have to GO HOME and COME BACK AGAIN! In the jerky old POC through the Stadium Blvd. construction zone. And I must be giving off some kind of dirt-and-slime-permeated-bath-mat aura because that's about how I've been treated today. Well, except by the old codger who attended my Copier 101 class the 2nd time I was at Office Max. In fact, that was a pretty successful session in general and Liz would be proud of me for using two copiers at once to make those double-sided copies where you have to turn the second side upside down to get it to print right side up. I always get myself distracted and screw those things up, especially when I try to use two copiers at once. But today I didn't screw that up. So that was cool. But, alas, things have gone downhill from there. Blick..

And now the tornado sirens are blowing.

Liz: "you forgot to say happy birthday to jess (21) and goosen (18) and al (20)!" Well, I guess "goosen" means Goose >:->>

Sat. May 14: From the "Kalamazoo College Entering Student Housing Application", "Housekeeping preferences" section:

I like to keep my room: (check one)

  1. ____ neat and clean all the time
  2. ____ clean with everything usually put away
  3. ____ somewhat cluttered, but cleaned when I have time

What ever on earth happened to option d? "Throw every little scrap of flotsam, jetsam and cosmic debris in the universe into a huge shambling mound on the floor and sorta clean it up more or less every 3 years or so whether it needs it or not."

(I love you Mouse.)

Sun. May 15: Steee-rike! Lemme see...

  1. The Bluebird
  2. Gulliver's Travels
  3. Peter Pan
  4. The Taming of the Shrew
  5. Alice Great Adventures in Wonderland (or something like that, "we" wrote it)
  6. Much Ado About Nothing
  7. Merlin, Arthur and the Magic Sword ("we" wrote this one too)
  8. The Winter's Tale
  9. The Wind in the Willows
  10. The Caucasian Chalk Circle (oops) Dandelion Wine
  11. Great Expectations
  12. As You Like It
  13. A Tale of Two Cities
  14. Don Quixote
  15. The Tempest
  16. Fahrenheit 451

Kids, do I have all of that right? What am I missing? (I'm only including Lydia shows). Anyway, another one done. The fire alarms did not go off. Fist fights did not happen in the green room (really, they don't usually). Mouse and Jeremy, with help from Technical Bob on the lights, were a hit with a bonus performance of an alternative scene from The Crucible, i.e., gender switching ;-) It is probably a good thing that the fireman strip tease show did not happen. And British hound dogs? We love 'em but we are glad the show is over now and we don't have to listen to them any more >:->> Steee-rike!

Mon. May 16: Unstructured time + umpteen gazillion things to do = total, absolute, utter chaos. I feel like I am sitting somewhere inside a big great green greasy trenormous bottomless pit full of rubble of various persuasions and every time I climb up a few feet of flotsam, jetsam and cosmic debris, we all slide down about 10 feet. It is not pretty. I wish I could just make my nose go tinkly-tinkly-tink like B-witch used to do and have all the crap, junk, crud and corruption disappear and be replaced with a clean, shiny, uncluttered house and maybe even a nice roast beast in the oven. Or lasagne. Or whatever. B-witch was good at getting dawdly kids to get dressed in time to get to kindergarten too. And it's funny, I just randomly remembered that a LONG time ago people used to occasionally tell me I *looked* like B-witch, so maybe I'm just out of practice? Since nowadays I am an ugly *old* witch, maybe my powers have deteriorated a bit. I wonder. If I go tinkly-tinkly-tink at the GG, can I turn him into a frog? But that is probably not a good idea, seeing as we already have a blasted frog... grok grok But maybe he'd turn into a purple skunk instead. That might be cute >:->> 'Course, people also used to occasionally tell me I looked like Carrie, as in "don't take Carrie to the prom." Wonder what the heck I could do with Carrie's powers or whatever you call them...

Tue. May 17: Mouse: "I have the plague. Amanda has it too." A bunch of YAGgies had it last week at Mendelssohn. We were dispensing cough drops like crazy. And, Liz, you probably do *not* have allergies. We all are not particularly prone to allergies and I'll bet that you just have the garden-variety plague too. It's a cold virus. Sore throat and lungs, lots of coughing, and maybe a bit of fever and body aches. I love you but you'll be okay. (I sure hope I don't get it next...)

Wed. May 18: Okay, as y'all can tell, I really don't have much to say these days. Just putting my head down and one foot in front of the other and hoping I don't get the plague since I have not even had so much as a cold since fall 2003. So, below are links to a whole slew of pics and links various people have been sending me that I haven't had time to deal with.

(btw: I am using css to position some of this stuff and I am pretty much a beginner at CSS positioning. If you are using a PC with Internet Explorer on it, well, first of all, switch *fast* to a Mac or at least get Firefox. Seriously, if any of these picture pages look funky in IE, either deal with it quietly or send me a screen shot. The closest PC that I know of is over at WCC and I am darned if I am going all the way over there just to see if my blahg looks all right on IE for Windows. Down with Microsoft! ;-) Now I'm gonna go delete some spam...)

Thu. May 19: I am really sticking my neck out today, but, fortunately, the house is in such a disaster that the guillotine has been missing since about 1992 or so, so maybe I'm safe ;-)

Ladies and gentlemen, once again, it is prom season. For months now, a recurrent topic of conversation at my Monday coffee has been which girl my friend's son Adam, a classmate of Mouse's, will end up taking to the Commie High prom. The prom is tomorrow night. As of Monday, the answer to this question was still up in the air. This popular young man has already attended the Saline prom, the Pi-Hi prom and I *think* some prom over in Bloomfield somewhere but I might be wrong there. All with different people. Such a whirlwind. I cannot keep up.

The teacher in charge of the Commie prom innocently asked me if I would like to chaperone. She said she would be happy to put me in the coatroom where I wouldn't have to interact with Mouse in case my presence might be embarrassing. Hmm. This offer was tucked into an email message that related mainly to treasury business. I sat there dumbstruck for about 15 minutes thinking about how to compose a polite response to this nice, well meaning woman declining to chaperone the prom. It really didn't matter where she stationed me because you can't embarrass someone who isn't there.

I am sick and tired of people asking me, "who is Mouse going to the prom with?" and then "well, she doesn't have to go with a boy, she could just go with a big group of friends.", etc., etc., ad nauseam. Mouse is not interested in going to the prom, with or without a boy, a big group of friends or even Froggy (grok!) and Crash-fly. Why? I dunno. I have some vague ideas about what's in her head but it's her business. She's Mouse. She doesn't do a lot of typical high school things. She does do a lot of things most high school kids aren't *capable* of doing. And boys aren't bad and poopy anymore (most of them anyway) but those who can pass the Mouse test are very few and far between. I have spent a good share of the year tearing out my hair, mostly over the dern college application process. But I am generally happy with how she runs her life. Especially since I don't think of myself as a particularly good mother.

So, if you're going to the prom, have a wonderful time! Stay out all night and party. That's what it's all about and that's more or less what I did back in the Jurassic Age. I dunno what Mouse is gonna do this Friday. Maybe sleep, since she currently has the plague on top of running up a huge sleep deficit over the last few weeks. And I'll be looking forward to hearing at Monday coffee who Adam finally went with. I sure won't hear it from Mouse :-)

Fri. May 20: Senior skip day? Again???

Sat. May 21: It is 9 AM and I have been masquerading as a birder for the last couple hours. Kirtland's Warbler, a bunch of sparrows and thrashers and all manner of things that flap their wings. Very edumacational. And those birders are a trip with their fancy spotting scopes and things. But I suppose if they knew I was war driving (or Mac stumbling is probably more like it) around northern Michigan looking for wireless connections to the internet, they'd think I was a trip too. And this blahg is brought to you by the Roscommon County Intermediate School District, at the top of that great big hill near the Ski Ranch.

Sun. May 22: Big schmozzles of traffic with lorries everywhere. Summer comes to the I75 SUV speedway.

Mon. May 23: And the IRS calls... The envelope from the IRS today did not look like a check. I mean, we were receiving only a sniggly little bit of refund from the IRS anyway, so I was definitely not waiting with bated breath for the dern thing. But this was not a check. Hmm. Yikes? Audit? No. Kee-reist, we left off the social security numbers of *both* daughters, therefore they were not allowing us those exemptions, therefore we owed a whole bunch of money! I was about to yip yip yip nag nag the GG since he was the main tax do-er but then I thought, "sheesh, Volcano Mama, you had a chance to review the dern taxes and why the heck didn't *you* catch this stupid mistake with your 'Eagle Eye?'" Not! It is fixed, thanks to some nice IRS people that the GG talked to. Onward.

Tue. May 24: The mission was to purchase egg pans and a teakettle. Y'all know what an egg pan is? An egg pan is a small, like 8", saute pan (or frying pan) that the GG uses to cook eggs. Non-stick surface. With a glass cover, thank you very much! I don't usually cook eggs, except scrambled. My once-over-easy eggs have been described as being made of poly-vinyl. Anyway, since those non-stick pan surfaces wear out within a year or five no matter what you pay for pans, my modus operandi is to buy cheap pans and just throw 'em out when "it's time." No Calphalon here. Why bother? Yeah kids, I do know how wasteful that is. But. So, I could just not get going on this project even though we'll need pans this weekend. I have been all over town the last two days. I even ended up at the MALL! I think it is the second time since about November that I have been to the mall. No thank you, I do NOT want to try your lotion, the smell makes me choke and I rather like my sunburned skin the way it is, especially the peeling skin on my nose. And, no thank you ma'am, I don't need help with clothes, I am just wandering aimlessly! Actually, I am in desperate straits when it comes to clothes, it is now "spring" and even though it is still snowing about every other day I have switched from my tattered old ski clothes to my tattered old kayak clothes and if I need to "dress up" I put on one of my 15-year-old skirts. Including the one that always gets stuck in my underwear, which is also ratty. But I cannot stand the hard-sell and chit-chat that comes with buying clothes. Why the heck some random $8/hour clerk thinks they know anything about what colors I like (or look good on me) or what styles I can wear, I do not know. And actually, I think most of them could not care less about some old bag shopper. Even at Hudsons, er, I mean, Marshall Fields. And The Commander even used to be a buyer there umpteen million years ago. I mean at the downtown Detroit Hudson's, not Marshall Fields. I can never remember what department she "bought" for but she knew about elegant clothing once upon a time. But somehow she ended up in Siberia raising yooper hooligans (who like rather more garish clothing than the Commander might've preferred, at least this hooligan does, I won't speak for the other one) and the downtown Hudson's and all the rest are gone now. Oh where the heck was I anyway? I started out talking about pans... I finally did find pans. And a teakettle. And a wastebasket. And a 2-quart copper-bottom revere-ware pan to replace my old, warped one that somebody boiled dry one too many times. Where did I find that stuff? At the hardware store, no less.

Wed. May 25: Blahging from the Luxurious New Houghton Lake Internet Cafe.

Thu. May 26: Brrring! That infernal telephone! I had sent out an email to ask Lizard Breath to call me but I told her to call my cell so I figured it was probably not her. That meant it was either the GG asking me to look for some obscure piece of paperwork he'd misfiled somewhere or some solicitor. "Hello, is this 662-2983?" Well, the voice sounded kinda familiar but the connection was a little crackly so I couldn't quite make out that it was indeed my number at first and I was thinking, "what kind of solicitor is this?" And then there was a little more awkward conversation and I realized that it was not a solicitor. It was Sam (archaeologist, not dog (woof, woof))! She told her address book or whatever to dial another archaeologist friend of hers and it switched her to my number! I'm definitely not an archaeologist but the whole thing was a pleasant interruption to my disorganized day :-)

And, for anyone who is confused, I am not currently at Houghton Lake. Yesterday, I got up and drove up to Fenton and hitched a ride to HL with Kathy (my sister-in-law). We were supposed to get a new refrigerator and cable TV/internet. The refrigerator did not make it (boring story and "my" refrigerator (long grandpa story) is still in the garage anyway). We did get cable although they were a few hours later than they said they would be. The TV is so old that cable doesn't work properly with it. The internet connection works fine as you can tell from yesterday's blahg. I got home at around 10:40 PM. Long day but fun and gorgeous weather. And my short career as a Houghton Lake war-driver is over. I hope. Although it was kinda fun.

Fri. May 27: Quack quack quack. Quack quack quack. The microwave isn't installed yet. Not all of the shelves are in. The refrigerator isn't here yet so I am making a lot of trips back and forth to the garage. I don't know if the dryer is installed yet or not. There is carpet upstairs now but no beds but I don't care about beds. There's a big load of sand outside to fill in the hole around the old septic tank. I made pita chips this afternoon -- in the oven. This is the first time there's been an oven here since something like 1967 when the stove blew up and Mr. Doherty dragged it outside. They put out the fire and dragged the stove right back in. And people are quacking back and forth about Grey Goose vs. some kind of cheap vodka. And do I like the carpeting? Do I like the tile? And what about the floor? Glack! I am sort of in shock! What is there not to like? I mean, at least nobody went nuts and painted everything bright purple like a friend of mine did one time while her family was gone for the weekend. It is all fine! Sheesh, it's a heck of a lot fancier than my *house*! I'll get used to it, I guess. We have wireless internet. And a couple of kayaks. What else matters? Quack quack quack. Glack.

Sat. May 28: Guess Who: "You have eye-liner on." Me (peering at GW): "I most certainly do *not* have eye-liner on." "Yes you do." "No I don't. I don't ever have eye-liner on." Guess Who: "Lower your eyelids." Me: "Okay, but I do not have eye-liner on." Guess Who: "Well, what *do* you have on?" Me: "It is eye-*shadow*." Sheesh! I wear eye makeup every day. I have been wearing eye makeup every day since I could first manage to sneak it by The Commander. I used to wear eye-liner but once a couple years ago, I actually *looked* in the mirror and decided it made me look kind of, hmmm, harsh might be the right word. At this age anyway. So I lost the eye-liner. And now I wear eye-shadow, darkish blue-gray is my favorite color and mascara, brownish black Maybelline. And, yes, I even wear that stuff when I am hanging out in my ratty old kayak clothes, like I am today. About the only place I do *not* bother with eye makeup is on the beach because I know that sooner or later I will get in the water and all of the eye makeup will end up smeared all over underneath my eyes and I will look sorta like a raccoon. And, by the way, I do not stand in front of a mirror and take a half hour putting the damn eye makeup on. It takes me about 5 seconds to put my eye makeup on. And ya know what? I do not even think the GG (aka GW) even notices whether I have eye makeup on or not! Kee-reist! Prob'ly eye make-up does not make me *look* any less old and ugly but somehow it makes me *feel* a little less old and ugly. Or whatever. As if it even mattered.

And hey, Liz and Mouse, I miss you both a lot. We are having a good time here in the usual Courtois-y sort of way. Doug, Kathy, Bob, Gay, me, the GG, Sheila, Ron, Nathe and Evan are here. Jim was here but he left. But the weather is crappy and it is a bit chaotic at times ;-) and the kids are very cute but loud and the boyz are doing all their usual little projects. And we've given at least two cabin tours this weekend, probably more that I can't remember right now. You would not get any homework done here! You are my babies and I love you very much.

Sun. May 29: Last Memorial Day weekend we were here at HL and the weather was not really the best and the water was kinda high and there were great big waves washing over the seawall and we launched Liz and Ryan and their friends in kayaks down the steps! The water was so deep and rough that we couldn't even put in the dock, etc. And despite all that, I spent as much time as I possibly could *outside*, like I always did when we had the old cabin, pretty much whatever the weather was like. This Memorial Day weekend, the weather is not all that great but it is not terrible either but the cabin is sooooooooo nice that I find myself spending quite a bit of time *inside*, looking out! I dunno yet if that is good or bad... It made me put off kayaking until it was too late due to adverse weather conditions... I think I'll get used to it. (And wireless internet cannot be beat in any case!) Hey, I know this is a boring, lame blog entry. I thought I'd have more to say about this new place but so far I remain kinda speechless.

Mon. May 30: Guess Who (somewhere on 127 between HL and Harrison): "Didya get any pictures?" Well, not really. A few random ones. I am really not a photographer. Probably about 95% of the photos I take are total junk. Thank god for digital cameras. But you can click on Mr. Bear Nature up there and see a few of the few random ones that I took. And now I have to get going and try to be a little better mom for a couple weeks. I have been AWOL lately.

Tue. May 31: Five weeks.